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Kirk Patrick Samuda free essay sample

Kirk SamudaUniversity of Phoenix| April 21, 2013BSA/375| | Week (1) Mr. Jeffrey Mc Nickle Information innovation and its featured significance in empowering business achievement, brings to the cutting edge the obligations of the Systems Analyst, and how basic the job is in a frameworks improvement venture. To streamline the job, should not the slightest bit down play the significance of the numerous duties this position has appointed to it; as it keeps on growing and advance, prepared to make takes steps to business issues with a reestablished center around mechanized arrangements in a business driven time. Thus the job of the Systems Analyst has progressed from a software engineer direction with Analyst connection minor jobs, to a basic joint, an orderly business organization among IT and the business. The methodical work of Systems Analysts is significant, as it helps the business prerequisites through theoretical plan and answer for execution. The Analyst must have the information and abilities to comprehend, and afterward decipher an undertaking with useful prerequisites, at that point make an interpretation of that viewpoint into plan and sensible procedures, innovation and information. We will compose a custom article test on Kirk Patrick Samuda or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Because of such indebt association, the Systems Analysts must exercise realize how to perform process investigation, at that point plan theoretical structures, methods that utilizations cases and strong procedures. Frameworks experts regularly talk with clients, gathering information about their prerequisites for new programming frameworks. The examiner will at that point record and compose all disclosures, into plan details for the planned undertaking. This assignment however troublesome on occasion, can be disentangled by the end clients specialized information about what they need to achieve and the PC interface. A great deal of times, necessities are excluded or forgotten about in light of the fact that individuals expect it is highly unlikely a PC can achieve the undertakings required. Definitively, the aptitudes and information expected of a Systems Analyst to adequately add to the advancement of an undertaking, is focused on his capacity to work with individuals from IT, to impact framework structure, framework documentation, and end-client preparing.

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The Impact of Brand Awareness on Customer Loyalty

Question: Research Proposal Topic: The effect of brand mindfulness on client faithfulness. Answer: Presentation Brand mindfulness is considered as a fundamental pointer of the information on the customers with respect to the brand, its quality in its essence in the psyche of the shoppers and the way toward recovering that information effectively from memory (Perreault, Cannon and McCarthy 2013). Brand mindfulness is the most valuable factor for advancing the items that are ware related as these items have lesser quantities of variables that can separate one item from its different rivals. The current examination centers around the exploration question that features the impact of the brand mindfulness on the purchaser devotion, particularly of the association Woolworths. Research Aim and Objectives The general target of the examination is to basically assess the impact of brand mindfulness on the faithfulness of purchasers of Woolworths. The particular destinations of the current research study are: To perceive the various sorts of brand mindfulness trick of Woolworths To decide different variables that advance or, more than likely weakens the adequacy of business practice To break down the effect of brand mindfulness on unwaveringness of purchasers of Woolworths Research Questions The exploration inquiries of this examination are: What are the brand mindfulness moves toward that are rehearsed in Woolworths? What are the essential factors that can advance or, more than likely weaken the adequacy of the business practice? How does the brand mindfulness impact the purchaser dependability of Woolworths? Writing Review: Background Information The chance clients will basically be acquainted with the resource just as accessibility of all the item or administrations of the organization. In any case, the client steadfastness can be considered as a proportion of how much clients are faithful to a particular brand, which focuses on a trustworthy repurchase. Once more, customerloyaltyalso prompts diverse resultsthat can prompt emotionalattachmentwith a brand. The enthusiastic connection of the customers with the brand can be basically coordinated b thebyboth commitmentas well asaffection of the consumers.However, the buyer accordingly creates tremendous love for the brand with a specific goal in mind that can be related to fellowship. Once more, the contemporary commercial center is immersed with a broad wide range of brands of items. Accordingly, fitting with this surge of various brands in the commercial center can help in age of the client faithfulness. The developing of purchaser mindfulness can assist the clients with selec ting to buy their recognizable just as empowering brand. Subsequently, on the off chance that if the organizations plan to transcend their adversaries, they have to cause clients to appreciate to purchasing the items notwithstanding brands. Points of interest of marking for partnerships Woolworths As properly set forward by Kotler (2012), the specialists concur that marking conveys diverse assortment of critical favorable circumstances to the business. Specifically, the brand personality helps advertisers to separate the contributions of the organization from its rivals. Thusly, the effective marking likewise encourages enterprises to diminish the expenses of promoting by raising the brand mindfulness. The third consider included marking that can assist the organization with attaining the situation of a pioneer among various rivals in a comparative classification. In this manner, accordingly the alluring personality of the brand helps in raising the net revenue coming about because of the attractive quality of the buyer to make installments for a premium for various items just as administrations. This may prompt gainful augmentation of the brand in a comparative or, more than likely a different market. At long last, there is sure nature just as attributes of the way toward mar king that guide the firm to defend distinctive item highlights of the company. Advantages of Branding As properly set forward by Czinkota and Ronkainen (2013), the way toward marking conveys three distinct advantages that incorporate the hazard decrease, productivity of data just as self-articulation. In any case, Perreault, Cannon and McCarthy (2013) set forward the contention that marking helps the clients to decrease the chance of choosing a particular item that probably won't work well or, more than likely get together the desires for the buyers. Hence, the procedure of hazard decrease can be achieved by giving solid declaration as respects the steady quality. Marking may likewise help clients to relate to and to get mindful of various contributions in a specific class of the item. Love Marks Theory De Mooij (2013) opine that the idea of logical hypothesis is essentially established on conceptualization of hypothesis. This idea basically alludes to the orderly arrangement of various proclamations considering certain laws such the speculation dependent on three distinct classifications. The three classifications of speculation incorporate the methodical associations; entomb related laws like the speculation just as exact procedure of testing. So as to produce an adoration mark, a particular brand needs to give the clients three distinct components of experience that contains the puzzle, exotic nature notwithstanding closeness. Nonetheless, in the perspective on Best (2012), an affection imprint can be viewed as a blend of high love for brand and regard. There can be separation between the affection stamps just as the brands, various items notwithstanding trends established on various levels love and regard that purchasers experience. Hypothesis on saw quality The brand mindfulness can be viewed as huge piece of the buy aim as the shoppers will in general buy a natural just as an all around perceived item. As righty set forward by Kotler (2012), the apparent quality is a result of the abstract judgment of customers on a specific item. Various variables influencing the view of the buyer in regards to a brand As accurately referenced by Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick (2012), the elements that influences the view of the purchasers as respects a brand incorporate quality, value, impact of others, publicizing, bundling and comfort. Research Methodologies and strategies The current segment of the exploration strategy investigations various systems that can be used in completing the examination study. This area principally diagrams the exploration configuration, test and populace, inspecting strategy, technique for information assortment, translation of the information just as restrictions that can be seen during the procedure of the investigation (Terpstra, Foley and Sarathy 2012). Research Design The student means to do a review and contextual analysis based research. Thusly, the student can apply both subjective just as quantitative information explore method so as to supplement each other as both the strategies have benefits (Wilson et. al 2012). Test of the examination The number of inhabitants in the examination will be basically limited to all the workers and the clients of five diverse retail outlets of Woolworths in Australia. The complete example size of the exploration will be 100 respondents from the absolute populace of the overview that comprises of representatives and buyers of Woolworths. Test and examining method As appropriately set forward by McDonald and Wilson (2011), an unequivocal example is basically an intentional decision of the absolute number of respondents chose from a given populace. The analyst expects to use the procedure of non-likelihood testing for drawing an example from a specific populace. Information Collection Methods The specialist expects to gather the essential information for the examination concentrate by using both the essential just as the optional information assortment strategy. The student means to gather essential information from the consequences of the review that is through an officially organized survey containing relevant inquiries with respect to the client dynamic strategy and the client steadfastness (Malhotra 2011). The student plans to gather the auxiliary information from various distributed materials accessible in the print just as the electronic media, critical diaries just as distributions. The procedure of information investigation includes the way toward diminishing just as organizing the information, blending and looking for significant examples. Diverse factual devices just as scientific procedures incorporate tables, diagrams just as pie graphs (Lovelock 2011). Venture Plan Exercises/Time Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Idea detailing Surveying the writing Conversation with the facilitator Inspecting and test choice for the overview Enrolling the auxiliary information Doing the study Investigation of the information Expected research results The normal result of the current research study is the successful impact of the brand mindfulness on the general reliability of the purchasers towards the brand (Lee and Kotler 2011). The normal result of the investigation is the assessment of various components that can influence the general consciousness of the brand among the objective purchasers of the organization. Moreover, the exploration study is likewise foreseen to uncover various components that impact the purchasing conduct of the shoppers that the advertiser like Woolworths can consider for their future strategic policies. Moreover, the exploration study is relied upon to uncover huge outcomes in regards to the idea of relationship between various techniques of marking and its effect on the general purchasing conduct of t

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Effect of Stigma on Mental Health

Impact of Stigma on Mental Health From a huge number of years, banter has been going on among professionals how to treat psychological instability. A few alterations have been done from consuming, anchoring, securing them homes and boring their heads to unchaining and treating them like people (Foerschner, 2010). In any case, the medical caretakers who work in emotional wellness setting despite everything face the issues in conveying care in a shame free condition so as to advance the wellbeing of intellectually sick patients (Stuart, 2009). For such intellectually sick customers we have to acknowledge their conduct as opposed to vilification (Angermeyer Matschinger, 2003). Shame is a â€Å"collection of contrary mentalities, convictions, considerations, and practices that impact the individual, or the overall population, to fear, dismiss, keep away from, be preferential, and segregate people† (Gary, 2005). The explanation for choice of this point is that to tolerating intellectually sick patient with the expe ctation of advancing their wellbeing. In West, shame to psychological maladjustment is appropriately perceived, similarly oversaw and forestalled. However, in Eastern societies, being intellectually sick is still observed as a characteristic of shame for family, emotional well-being patients are still demonized and socially disengaged and assumed as being spooky by underhanded soul or jinn (Naeem, Ayub, Javed, Irfan, Haral Kingdon, 2006). Moreover, emotional well-being is viewed as the most kept away from field in Pakistan because of the shame appended to it (Qasim, 2012). Not all that long I have being in mental setting where we as a whole were sitting in cafã © having our break together, out of nowhere a man dressed in earthy colored conventional garments with cowhide coat wearing dark goggles solicit one from our partner on the off chance that he need some tea? he addressed â€Å"no†, that individual sat on close by table and request that server bring one humdinger burger. While taking note of his getup which was not as indicated by climate and bizarre conduct, my associate suddenly ask our personnel â€Å"Ma’am would he say he is frantic for sure? In the wake of hearing those words that tolerant out of nowhere pushes his seat and leaves the cafã ©.† This is the means by which individuals inadvertently target mental patient by hitting their confidence rather tolerating them as a piece of society and comprehend there cumbersome conduct as a piece of their ailment. In a general public shame denotes a limit among â€Å"normalâ⠂¬  and â€Å"outsider,† and among â€Å"us† and â€Å"them† (Link Phelan, 2001). Question is how we can break this limit of separation which is making hindrance recuperation of intellectually sick customers? The case situation will presently be examined on a social intellectual model clarifies how open and self shame are shaped and kept up. There are 3 parts that structure this model are: generalization, bias, and segregation. Social analysts consider generalizations to be data learned by society (Augoustinos, Ahrens, Innes, 1994; Esses, Haddock, Zanna, 1994; Hilton von Hippel, 1996; Judd Park, 1993; Krueger, 1996; Mullen, Rozell, Johnson, 1996). Without speculation we rapidly make desire and impression of individuals who fit in to a generalized gathering, (Hamilton Sherman, 1994) simply like my associate name that individual as ‘mad’. Bias embrace individuals may show a negative responses by supporting their scholarly negative generalization. (Devine, 1988, 1989, 1995; Hilton von Hippel, 1996; Krueger, 1996). Preference may prompt unfair conduct (Weiner, 1995) simply like my partner separate that individual as one who isn't following cultural standards and segregate his con duct from typical to irregular (for social psychological model allude informative supplement fig 1.). Being vilified has a few unsafe impacts on the individual, the close family and the network as well. From the outset for the sake of respect or shame, the individual and family doesn’t arrive at the medicinal services supplier for treatment choices. It additionally cause non-adherence to viable treatment routine. Self disgrace is another impact bringing about low confidence, pessimistic self observation and self consideration when an individual disguises the unfair conduct and cultural deriding disposition. Finally shame has additionally influences the mentality of human services supplier. Study has demonstrated that in medical clinic setting attendants show rebuffing disposition and utilize unsuitable way for treating them, as superfluously retraining them (Pinto-Foltz Logsdon, 2009). To diminish disgrace and oppression individuals with psychological well-being issue the biggest ever program was propelled in England on Jan 21, 2009, called Time to Change. By alluding social intellectual model this program plans to show that change is conceivable that would carry want to individuals who are maliciously depleted by separation (allude supplement fig 2.) (Henderson Thornicroft). A couple of strategies for shame decline are accounted in the writing. These mediations and procedures may be utilized at differing levels: the intrapersonal, relational, authoritative/institutional, gathering, and legislative/auxiliary (McLeroy et al, 1988; Richard et al, 1996). Right off the bat, intrapersonal level has consistently stayed an essential concentration to change the conduct of a person. Mediations are done to change the individual’s information, conduct, demeanor, self idea, upgrading confidence, adapting aptitudes, reinforcing, and money related help. We can complete th ese intercessions by means of individual advising or intellectual conduct treatment (CBT) and Self assistance promotion and care groups (Heijnders Van Der Meij, 2006). Furthermore, intercession at relational level arrangements with the effect of get-together and social help on the soundness of intellectually sick customer. The relational condition of the patient incorporates their family, companions and workplace. They expect to fabricate associations among patient and his/her relational condition so as to reestablish or advance their wellbeing. This could be help out through Care and backing by family, Home consideration groups, and Community-based recovery (Heijnders Van Der Meij, 2006). Moreover, the hierarchical level likewise being utilized so as to change the view of open towards disgrace and its impact on person. This could be cultivated through preparing programs and institutional changes which increment information on the illness and impact of shame on the lives of intellec tually sick customers (Heijnders Van Der Meij, 2006). Moreover shame decrease can be mediate at network level whose point is to expand information about psychological instability and disgrace joined to it. For disgrace decrease battle, training is frequently utilized as an initial step and it might consolidate with different systems too. Instructive intercessions may incorporate introductions, conversations, reproductions, audiotapes, and films, centering explicit populaces (Heijnders Van Der Meij, 2006). In conclusion, on legislative level work can be done so as to structure such approach which plans to ensure the privileges of the individuals who are experiencing disparaging sickness (Heijnders Van Der Meij, 2006). The World Health Organization (WHO) contended that ‘policies on segregation, access to counteraction and care, classification of care and individual’s rights can make a noteworthy impact’ (2002). In Conclusion it is suggested that client’s poise and wellbeing ought to stay vital consistently. To break the chain of shame the social intellectual model ought to be cautiously applied in mental setting. Persistent focused methodology is required, which begins with intrapersonal level, which offers capacity to influenced individual to improvement confidence and disgrace decrease related projects at different levels. â€Å"There is nothing either fortunate or unfortunate, however thinking makes it so† (Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2).

Sustainability In Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Supportability In Business - Essay Example Therefore, the inquiry emerges with regards to how associations just as social orders which are equipped for supporting exceedingly gainful execution can be created. In addition, it has become progressively understandable that â€Å"sustained financial achievement and nature of network life relies upon building up an alternate relationship with the normal environment† (Dunphy, 2000, p.5), and henceforth, it is important to understand the way that a great part of the monetary opulence has been accomplished at the expense of worldwide assets that have been abused at an unreasonable rate. In the light of these realities, the ebb and flow research will target assessing the corporate manageability of three worldwide majors, viz. Regal Dutch Shell plc (Shell), Fluor Corporation (Fluor), and The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) as far as the feasible profiles of various nations wherein they work. The report will address a scope of corporate maintainability gives that associations normally fa ce, so as to prove the central reason of this exploration. The significant qualities of the Shell incorporate its inner variables that have lead to fast development of the organization. It is one of the biggest oil organizations and it has gained solid market position in worldwide oil industry. It appreciates a high ground position in the market. The organization has taken vertical incorporation for its tasks that permits it to enter downstream and upstream exercises like oil and gas investigation and refining, business-to-business deals and so forth (Shell-b, 2009). The organization interior methodologies and supervisory crew are effective in keeping up the worldwide operational business activities. The organization has obtained high specialized headways for their business operational ventures. Since most recent five years, the shortcomings of Shell have gotten progressively conspicuous because of certain negative variables. Right off the bat, the diminishing benefit and deals edges are the significant shortcoming of the organization.

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An Importance Of Anne Frank Diary - Free Essay Example

Being a young girl is hard enough but living in Germany as a Jew was terrible through 1939-1942 so imagine just how young Anne Frank Felt. Anne Frank was a normal girl her family was pretty wealthy she was a normal teenager she bickered with her mother and sister, Through the story she expresses her hatred for her mother. Things got rough around WW2 The Holocaust especially for the Jews they got put in concentration camps and got killed for no reason, Anne saw all this violence at such a young age. She had to hide in an top office building floor for two years from the Nazis. Through all that Anne Frank kept pushing persevering not giving up and could still express her feelings throughout her diary, but the most important message is that all people have the right to live in freedom. Annes story shows us that just because people may be a different religion or race, doesnt mean that they should be treated differently, and thats what stood out to me through this book. Anne Frank born June 12, 1942 in the city of Frankfurt. She had a mother and father Edith and Otto Frank and one sibling a sister Margot Frank. They were raised wealthy Anne had went to all jew school because she couldnt go to a normal school because she was a jew. Even through all she loved school she may havent been the brightest kid but she always pushed to her best. Annes family were always on their heels because they knew any minute the Nazis may come for them, so they always had a plan, and one day they did come them they packed their stuff and ran and went into their dads office building on to live on the top floor. They had settled their more and more people came about eight people where living on the top building floor. This was such a crucial point in Annes life in the beginning of her teenage years. Anne Frank was always a joyful talkative person and sometimes selfish she like a typical teenage girl she didnt always understand how difficult life was for her mother and the other adults around her. Anne did always look at the negative of things which got her in many conflicts she was always so positive even though she knew people were after her to perhaps kill her. Anne Showed perseverance many ways as she was used to a certain lifestyle which she stripped of just because of her ethnicity. She was to live in a small area with people she didnt even know but she stayed true to herself as writing in her diary and expressing her feelings and conflicts and kept pushing forward. Its hard always see positive when everything is negative but Anne Frank had did it from going to one lifestyle to another is very difficult living in a annex when you want to go out but cant having to walk soft because you cant give your location up, and as a teenager with all that energy and not being able to release may be very frustrating at times but Anne Frank kept persevering. Family was very important to her she spent a lot of time with them until the Nazis had took them and they had to go into concentration camps were they were enslaved and put to work, it was hard on Anne and her family but as we see Anne is a fighter and she didnt give up she went into hiding still writing in her diary still still being her she wasnt being heartless, she knew what good would it do if just feel pity and get taken by the Nazis too and theres is were Anne Frank showed perseverance. Anne Frank is important to the world because she showed non-jews what it was like living during the Holocaust as a Jew. Anne Frank has shown perseverance by hiding from the Nazis, by not giving up in life because of her nationality, and living through the Holocaust.Anne Frank persevered because she kept most of her life struggles a secret. She fought through her life because she was Jewish, and she lived during the Holocaust. If Anne didnt preserver she wouldnt have lived as long as she did. Perseverance is important because it pushes people to do things they never thought they could.

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Relation between the Working Class and Primitivism in The Hairy Ape - Literature Essay Samples

Subtle association of primitivism with the working class in Eugene O’Neill’s expressionist play The Hairy Ape is quite intriguing. In the play, we sense the primitivistic approach to the firemen working together in the ship who are likened to a group of animal doing and saying the same thing all the time. They do not have individualities and they represent the same class which is the working class. There are two aspects of O’Neill’s usage of primitivism to depict this particular class. One is related to their existence as a crowd and the other is to their identification themselves with their physicality, which also shows the traces of Darwinism. Therefore, to examine how working class people define themselves and are defined by the modern world, which is quite primitivistic, we can look into the portrayal of them as a body of crowd in The Hairy Ape. The first approach to the firemen as primitives comes from their existence as a crowd. In order to examine these working class people as a crowd in the play, we must look into them in general terms. We see that they are named simply as â€Å"voices† or â€Å"all† in the play. We do not know their names except for Yank, Paddy and Long, who show some specific characteristics by themselves. Therefore, as Gustave Le Bon asserts, the firemen lose their identities when they are together, becoming a grain of sand among other grains of sand† (Nye 48). Therefore, they are portrayed as the same in the level of both body and mind, which come into being in the ideology and the actions of Yank. In the case of their body image, the firemen, who resemble to chained gorillas with their crouching and inhuman attitudes, move in rhythmic motion and do the same job, shoveling in a tumult of orderly noise (O’Neill 160). One cannot ignore the animalistic, â€Å"inhuman† a nd gorilla-like portrayal of the firemen. As to the rhythm and noise present in the crowd, according to Robert Nye, elevate the mood and emotions of the individuals (42). At times, they become more and more enthusiastic and lose their control in a way. This is most obvious when they say the same thing at the same time, which is related to their being alike in terms of mind. While they exclaim the statements such as â€Å"Think,† â€Å"Love,† â€Å"God,† and â€Å"Law,† they become barbaric and atavistic because they turn to their pre-historic human state in a way, completely losing their individuality and becoming totally one body. The reason actually is that the meaning of these word are emptied which indicates that they may not be able to think at all since these words are only a sound and there is no communication. In addition, the repetitions of these statements are similar to the workings of the machines. Therefore, the firemen become like machines w ithout the ability to contemplate, which in turn deepens their primitivization. This kind of portrayal of the firemen is quite animalistic, barbaric and atavistic because they exist on the verge animality, repeating what they do without thinking. The firemen’s existence as a crowd also related to their identification themselves with their physical strength, which is also somewhat animalistic and primitive: their belief and interest in their physicality results from the fact that their losing their identities and their ability to contemplate as a crowd or vice versa. Therefore, there is a binary of body and mind and since the working class people represent the body, they have no individual voice. As a result, we find their perspective in the words and actions of Yank because he â€Å"represents to the firemen a self-expression† as their â€Å"most highly developed individual† (O’Neill 142). In order to make their devotion to the physical strength apparent, O’Neill uses Paddy as a foil to Yank, who is the embodiment of the firemen. Paddy is an older one always complaining about working in a stokehole because he believes this is not the men belong to. Paddy says after shoveling, â€Å"Yerra, w ill this divil’s watch nivir end? Me back is broke. I’m destroyed entirely† (161). While he is old and weak, O’Neill describes the others as â€Å"hairy-chested, with long arms of tremendous power† (141). At one point, Yank shows his power even by â€Å"pounding on his chest, gorilla-like† (163). Therefore, it is clear they believe that they exist because of their physical strength and their â€Å"tremendous power,† the firemen cast Paddy out because he does not belong. They want strong, brave men who will not be tired with working. This mindset has to do with Darwinism because they believe that if they are strong, they will adapt and survive in their environment as the animals does. However, in the modern times, there is no need to be physically strong; therefore, they are primitized because they still trying to exist with animalistic strategies and with their muscles. In conclusion, the statement of Second Engineer makes the working class people’s primitivism quite apparent when he warns Mildred about the stokehole. He says â€Å"there’s ladders to climb down that are none to clean–and dark alleyways† implying that descending into the stokehole is somewhat similar to descending the ladder of class hierarchy. This implication calls Le Bon’s statement about crowd to mind; he says that while in a crowd, a person â€Å"descends several rung in the ladder of civilization† since they act with their primitive instincts during the time which causes turn into their pre-historic state (Nye 48). Therefore, people working in the stokehole in the bowels of the ship are primitives in two levels: first because they act as a barbaric crowd without individualism and common sense and second because they are simply beings who cannot exist without their physical strength.

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Technical Vulnerabilities For Global Finance, Inc.

The risk assessment provided in this paper gives a great examination of the technical vulnerabilities for Global Finance, Inc. (GFI). Within the GFI documents, there are details on the associated costs on certain compromises and the strategic options that are available for the mitigation of the types of vulnerabilities. In looking at the network diagram and the information discussed about GFI, states that the company has not updated its network security position. This alone warrants that a risk assessment needs to be performed in order to bring the network security up to speed with new technology and address any other security concerns that GFI has. Many different companies conduct risk assessments in order to identify risks that are common to each company’s primary missions and business functions, processes, segments, common infrastructure and support services, or their information systems. The risk assessment at GFI can support a big variety of risk-based choices and activi ties by its organizational officials across all three tiers in the risk management pyramid including, but not limited to, the following: †¢ Development of an information security architecture; †¢ Definition of interconnection requirements for information systems (including systems supporting mission/business processes and common infrastructure/support services); †¢ Design of security solutions for information systems and environments of operation including selection of security controls, informationShow MoreRelatedExamination Of The Technical Vulnerabilities For Global Finance, Inc.955 Words   |  4 PagesTechnical Paper: Risk Assessment The risk assessment provided in this paper gives a great examination of the technical vulnerabilities for Global Finance, Inc. (GFI). Within the GFI documents, there are details on the associated costs on certain compromises and the strategic options that are available for the mitigation of the types of vulnerabilities. In looking at the network diagram and the information discussed about GFI, states that the company has not updated its network security positionRead MoreCis 502 Technical Paper Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment897 Words   |  4 PagesCIS 502 Technical Paper Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment To Get this Tutorial Copy Paste above URL Into Your Browser Hit Us Email for Any Inquiry at: Visit our Site for More Tutorials: ( ) CIS 502 Technical Paper – Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment CIS 502 Week 10 Technical Paper Technical Paper: Risk Assessment Global Finance, Inc. Internet OC193Read MoreTechnical Paper2647 Words   |  11 PagesJeremy Yaw Frimpong, Ph.D.CIS 502 Theories of Security Management September 1, 2014 center700007040880Abstract Risk Assessment for Global Finance, Inc. Network. 9410010000Abstract Risk Assessment for Global Finance, Inc. Network. -5715003009900Week 10 Technical PaperRisk Assessment 036300Week 10 Technical PaperRisk Assessment Introduction Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) is a hypothetical company, which has grown rapidly over the past year. GFI has invested in its network and designed it to beRead MoreInformation Systems Decision Making Course2111 Words   |  9 Pages Technical Paper Wayne Thomas Dr. Glenn Hines Theories of Security Management March 14, 2015 Abstract This paper represents the Information Systems Decision-Making course and will address the following two issues. ïÆ'Ëœ We will describe the company network, interconnection, and communication environment. ïÆ'Ëœ We assess risk based on the GFI, Inc. network diagram scenario. ïÆ'Ëœ We will examine whether your risk assessment methodology is quantitative, qualitative, or a combination. ïÆ'Ëœ We will explainRead MoreTechnical Paper2497 Words   |  10 PagesTechnical Paper: Risk Assessment Strayer University CIS 502 December 15, 2013 Risk Assessment Describe the company network, interconnection, and communication environment. In order to support their growing business, Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) has taken necessary actions to ensure their network remains fault tolerant and resilient from any network failures. GFI has acquired network devices in order to support their network and maintain interconnection among their employees andRead MoreEssay on Wal-Mart Analysis1677 Words   |  7 PagesMission Statement Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is devoted to providing our customers with products at a superior value. We will offer products at everyday low prices and with friendly customer service throughout the world. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. provides products to all individual consumers and business operators at everyday low prices by controlling and improving efficiency with asset management, inventory control and technology. In the future Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will continue to expand and respondRead MoreRisk Analysis Of Global Finance Incorporated Inc.3186 Words   |  13 PagesGFI Risk Assessment Celida M. Bruss CMIT 425 8 July, 2015 Executive Summary The following risk analysis of Global Finance Incorporated (Inc.) addresses the weaknesses discovered not only in the physical and logical infrastructure, but in the corporate climate that dictates security and technology operations for GFI Inc. GFI leadership must compromise on how to manage its assets by dividing what it can among internal IT staff and outsourcing less critical functions to a commercial cloud provider.Read MoreRisk Assessment Of Information Technology3166 Words   |  13 PagesIn addressing the global implications, the paper will propose network security vulnerabilities and recommend the mitigation measures for the vulnerabilities. Cryptography recommendations based on data driven decision-making will be assessed, and develop risk assessment methodologies. Risk assessment in Information Technology Risk assessment is one of the mitigation methods for the Networks design. The scanners or vulnerability tools are used to identify the risks or vulnerabilities within the networkRead MoreInformation Systems Security Recommendations Essay1917 Words   |  8 PagesPhysical and Environmental Controls 6 4.2 Network Security: Technical Class; ID Authentication (ID:IA), Access Control (ID:AC), Audit Accountability (ID:AU) and System Communications Protection (ID:SC): 7 Table 2; Recommended Common Network Controls (IA) 7 Table 3; Recommended Common Network Controls (AC) 6 Table 4; Recommended Common Network Controls (AU) 6 Table 5; Recommended Common Network Controls (SC) 7 4.3 Data Security: Technical Class; Systems and Information Integrity (SI): 7 TableRead MoreMcafee Case Study Essay3405 Words   |  14 Pagesincreased for the period by $220 million. B. Strategic Posture 1. Mission: a. â€Å"To secure consumers and businesses from the desktop to the core of the network by delivering best-of-breed products and services that protect †¦ global customer’s information technology systems and infrastructure.† 2. Objectives: More of a goal â€Å"become worldwide leader in intrusion prevention and risk management solutions and services.† II. Corporate Governance C. Board of Directors