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An Importance Of Anne Frank Diary - Free Essay Example

Being a young girl is hard enough but living in Germany as a Jew was terrible through 1939-1942 so imagine just how young Anne Frank Felt. Anne Frank was a normal girl her family was pretty wealthy she was a normal teenager she bickered with her mother and sister, Through the story she expresses her hatred for her mother. Things got rough around WW2 The Holocaust especially for the Jews they got put in concentration camps and got killed for no reason, Anne saw all this violence at such a young age. She had to hide in an top office building floor for two years from the Nazis. Through all that Anne Frank kept pushing persevering not giving up and could still express her feelings throughout her diary, but the most important message is that all people have the right to live in freedom. Annes story shows us that just because people may be a different religion or race, doesnt mean that they should be treated differently, and thats what stood out to me through this book. Anne Frank born June 12, 1942 in the city of Frankfurt. She had a mother and father Edith and Otto Frank and one sibling a sister Margot Frank. They were raised wealthy Anne had went to all jew school because she couldnt go to a normal school because she was a jew. Even through all she loved school she may havent been the brightest kid but she always pushed to her best. Annes family were always on their heels because they knew any minute the Nazis may come for them, so they always had a plan, and one day they did come them they packed their stuff and ran and went into their dads office building on to live on the top floor. They had settled their more and more people came about eight people where living on the top building floor. This was such a crucial point in Annes life in the beginning of her teenage years. Anne Frank was always a joyful talkative person and sometimes selfish she like a typical teenage girl she didnt always understand how difficult life was for her mother and the other adults around her. Anne did always look at the negative of things which got her in many conflicts she was always so positive even though she knew people were after her to perhaps kill her. Anne Showed perseverance many ways as she was used to a certain lifestyle which she stripped of just because of her ethnicity. She was to live in a small area with people she didnt even know but she stayed true to herself as writing in her diary and expressing her feelings and conflicts and kept pushing forward. Its hard always see positive when everything is negative but Anne Frank had did it from going to one lifestyle to another is very difficult living in a annex when you want to go out but cant having to walk soft because you cant give your location up, and as a teenager with all that energy and not being able to release may be very frustrating at times but Anne Frank kept persevering. Family was very important to her she spent a lot of time with them until the Nazis had took them and they had to go into concentration camps were they were enslaved and put to work, it was hard on Anne and her family but as we see Anne is a fighter and she didnt give up she went into hiding still writing in her diary still still being her she wasnt being heartless, she knew what good would it do if just feel pity and get taken by the Nazis too and theres is were Anne Frank showed perseverance. Anne Frank is important to the world because she showed non-jews what it was like living during the Holocaust as a Jew. Anne Frank has shown perseverance by hiding from the Nazis, by not giving up in life because of her nationality, and living through the Holocaust.Anne Frank persevered because she kept most of her life struggles a secret. She fought through her life because she was Jewish, and she lived during the Holocaust. If Anne didnt preserver she wouldnt have lived as long as she did. Perseverance is important because it pushes people to do things they never thought they could.

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Relation between the Working Class and Primitivism in The Hairy Ape - Literature Essay Samples

Subtle association of primitivism with the working class in Eugene O’Neill’s expressionist play The Hairy Ape is quite intriguing. In the play, we sense the primitivistic approach to the firemen working together in the ship who are likened to a group of animal doing and saying the same thing all the time. They do not have individualities and they represent the same class which is the working class. There are two aspects of O’Neill’s usage of primitivism to depict this particular class. One is related to their existence as a crowd and the other is to their identification themselves with their physicality, which also shows the traces of Darwinism. Therefore, to examine how working class people define themselves and are defined by the modern world, which is quite primitivistic, we can look into the portrayal of them as a body of crowd in The Hairy Ape. The first approach to the firemen as primitives comes from their existence as a crowd. In order to examine these working class people as a crowd in the play, we must look into them in general terms. We see that they are named simply as â€Å"voices† or â€Å"all† in the play. We do not know their names except for Yank, Paddy and Long, who show some specific characteristics by themselves. Therefore, as Gustave Le Bon asserts, the firemen lose their identities when they are together, becoming a grain of sand among other grains of sand† (Nye 48). Therefore, they are portrayed as the same in the level of both body and mind, which come into being in the ideology and the actions of Yank. In the case of their body image, the firemen, who resemble to chained gorillas with their crouching and inhuman attitudes, move in rhythmic motion and do the same job, shoveling in a tumult of orderly noise (O’Neill 160). One cannot ignore the animalistic, â€Å"inhuman† a nd gorilla-like portrayal of the firemen. As to the rhythm and noise present in the crowd, according to Robert Nye, elevate the mood and emotions of the individuals (42). At times, they become more and more enthusiastic and lose their control in a way. This is most obvious when they say the same thing at the same time, which is related to their being alike in terms of mind. While they exclaim the statements such as â€Å"Think,† â€Å"Love,† â€Å"God,† and â€Å"Law,† they become barbaric and atavistic because they turn to their pre-historic human state in a way, completely losing their individuality and becoming totally one body. The reason actually is that the meaning of these word are emptied which indicates that they may not be able to think at all since these words are only a sound and there is no communication. In addition, the repetitions of these statements are similar to the workings of the machines. Therefore, the firemen become like machines w ithout the ability to contemplate, which in turn deepens their primitivization. This kind of portrayal of the firemen is quite animalistic, barbaric and atavistic because they exist on the verge animality, repeating what they do without thinking. The firemen’s existence as a crowd also related to their identification themselves with their physical strength, which is also somewhat animalistic and primitive: their belief and interest in their physicality results from the fact that their losing their identities and their ability to contemplate as a crowd or vice versa. Therefore, there is a binary of body and mind and since the working class people represent the body, they have no individual voice. As a result, we find their perspective in the words and actions of Yank because he â€Å"represents to the firemen a self-expression† as their â€Å"most highly developed individual† (O’Neill 142). In order to make their devotion to the physical strength apparent, O’Neill uses Paddy as a foil to Yank, who is the embodiment of the firemen. Paddy is an older one always complaining about working in a stokehole because he believes this is not the men belong to. Paddy says after shoveling, â€Å"Yerra, w ill this divil’s watch nivir end? Me back is broke. I’m destroyed entirely† (161). While he is old and weak, O’Neill describes the others as â€Å"hairy-chested, with long arms of tremendous power† (141). At one point, Yank shows his power even by â€Å"pounding on his chest, gorilla-like† (163). Therefore, it is clear they believe that they exist because of their physical strength and their â€Å"tremendous power,† the firemen cast Paddy out because he does not belong. They want strong, brave men who will not be tired with working. This mindset has to do with Darwinism because they believe that if they are strong, they will adapt and survive in their environment as the animals does. However, in the modern times, there is no need to be physically strong; therefore, they are primitized because they still trying to exist with animalistic strategies and with their muscles. In conclusion, the statement of Second Engineer makes the working class people’s primitivism quite apparent when he warns Mildred about the stokehole. He says â€Å"there’s ladders to climb down that are none to clean–and dark alleyways† implying that descending into the stokehole is somewhat similar to descending the ladder of class hierarchy. This implication calls Le Bon’s statement about crowd to mind; he says that while in a crowd, a person â€Å"descends several rung in the ladder of civilization† since they act with their primitive instincts during the time which causes turn into their pre-historic state (Nye 48). Therefore, people working in the stokehole in the bowels of the ship are primitives in two levels: first because they act as a barbaric crowd without individualism and common sense and second because they are simply beings who cannot exist without their physical strength.

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Technical Vulnerabilities For Global Finance, Inc.

The risk assessment provided in this paper gives a great examination of the technical vulnerabilities for Global Finance, Inc. (GFI). Within the GFI documents, there are details on the associated costs on certain compromises and the strategic options that are available for the mitigation of the types of vulnerabilities. In looking at the network diagram and the information discussed about GFI, states that the company has not updated its network security position. This alone warrants that a risk assessment needs to be performed in order to bring the network security up to speed with new technology and address any other security concerns that GFI has. Many different companies conduct risk assessments in order to identify risks that are common to each company’s primary missions and business functions, processes, segments, common infrastructure and support services, or their information systems. The risk assessment at GFI can support a big variety of risk-based choices and activi ties by its organizational officials across all three tiers in the risk management pyramid including, but not limited to, the following: †¢ Development of an information security architecture; †¢ Definition of interconnection requirements for information systems (including systems supporting mission/business processes and common infrastructure/support services); †¢ Design of security solutions for information systems and environments of operation including selection of security controls, informationShow MoreRelatedExamination Of The Technical Vulnerabilities For Global Finance, Inc.955 Words   |  4 PagesTechnical Paper: Risk Assessment The risk assessment provided in this paper gives a great examination of the technical vulnerabilities for Global Finance, Inc. (GFI). Within the GFI documents, there are details on the associated costs on certain compromises and the strategic options that are available for the mitigation of the types of vulnerabilities. In looking at the network diagram and the information discussed about GFI, states that the company has not updated its network security positionRead MoreCis 502 Technical Paper Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment897 Words   |  4 PagesCIS 502 Technical Paper Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment http://homeworkfy.com/downloads/cis-502-technical-paper-week-10-assignment-risk-assessment/ To Get this Tutorial Copy Paste above URL Into Your Browser Hit Us Email for Any Inquiry at: Homeworkfy@gmail.com Visit our Site for More Tutorials: (http://homeworkfy.com/ ) CIS 502 Technical Paper – Week 10 Assignment Risk Assessment CIS 502 Week 10 Technical Paper Technical Paper: Risk Assessment Global Finance, Inc. Internet OC193Read MoreTechnical Paper2647 Words   |  11 PagesJeremy Yaw Frimpong, Ph.D.CIS 502 Theories of Security Management September 1, 2014 center700007040880Abstract Risk Assessment for Global Finance, Inc. Network. 9410010000Abstract Risk Assessment for Global Finance, Inc. Network. -5715003009900Week 10 Technical PaperRisk Assessment 036300Week 10 Technical PaperRisk Assessment Introduction Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) is a hypothetical company, which has grown rapidly over the past year. GFI has invested in its network and designed it to beRead MoreInformation Systems Decision Making Course2111 Words   |  9 Pages Technical Paper Wayne Thomas Dr. Glenn Hines Theories of Security Management March 14, 2015 Abstract This paper represents the Information Systems Decision-Making course and will address the following two issues. ïÆ'Ëœ We will describe the company network, interconnection, and communication environment. ïÆ'Ëœ We assess risk based on the GFI, Inc. network diagram scenario. ïÆ'Ëœ We will examine whether your risk assessment methodology is quantitative, qualitative, or a combination. ïÆ'Ëœ We will explainRead MoreTechnical Paper2497 Words   |  10 PagesTechnical Paper: Risk Assessment Strayer University CIS 502 December 15, 2013 Risk Assessment Describe the company network, interconnection, and communication environment. In order to support their growing business, Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) has taken necessary actions to ensure their network remains fault tolerant and resilient from any network failures. GFI has acquired network devices in order to support their network and maintain interconnection among their employees andRead MoreEssay on Wal-Mart Analysis1677 Words   |  7 PagesMission Statement Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is devoted to providing our customers with products at a superior value. We will offer products at everyday low prices and with friendly customer service throughout the world. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. provides products to all individual consumers and business operators at everyday low prices by controlling and improving efficiency with asset management, inventory control and technology. In the future Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will continue to expand and respondRead MoreRisk Analysis Of Global Finance Incorporated Inc.3186 Words   |  13 PagesGFI Risk Assessment Celida M. Bruss CMIT 425 8 July, 2015 Executive Summary The following risk analysis of Global Finance Incorporated (Inc.) addresses the weaknesses discovered not only in the physical and logical infrastructure, but in the corporate climate that dictates security and technology operations for GFI Inc. GFI leadership must compromise on how to manage its assets by dividing what it can among internal IT staff and outsourcing less critical functions to a commercial cloud provider.Read MoreRisk Assessment Of Information Technology3166 Words   |  13 PagesIn addressing the global implications, the paper will propose network security vulnerabilities and recommend the mitigation measures for the vulnerabilities. Cryptography recommendations based on data driven decision-making will be assessed, and develop risk assessment methodologies. Risk assessment in Information Technology Risk assessment is one of the mitigation methods for the Networks design. The scanners or vulnerability tools are used to identify the risks or vulnerabilities within the networkRead MoreInformation Systems Security Recommendations Essay1917 Words   |  8 PagesPhysical and Environmental Controls 6 4.2 Network Security: Technical Class; ID Authentication (ID:IA), Access Control (ID:AC), Audit Accountability (ID:AU) and System Communications Protection (ID:SC): 7 Table 2; Recommended Common Network Controls (IA) 7 Table 3; Recommended Common Network Controls (AC) 6 Table 4; Recommended Common Network Controls (AU) 6 Table 5; Recommended Common Network Controls (SC) 7 4.3 Data Security: Technical Class; Systems and Information Integrity (SI): 7 TableRead MoreMcafee Case Study Essay3405 Words   |  14 Pagesincreased for the period by $220 million. B. Strategic Posture 1. Mission: a. â€Å"To secure consumers and businesses from the desktop to the core of the network by delivering best-of-breed products and services that protect †¦ global customer’s information technology systems and infrastructure.† 2. Objectives: More of a goal â€Å"become worldwide leader in intrusion prevention and risk management solutions and services.† II. Corporate Governance C. Board of Directors

Work At The Dog Adoption Center - 1921 Words

Often times, in order to achieve goals people need to work together. Depending on what the goal is, shared or belonging to one person, working together helps facilitate one s success towards their goal. Also, just depending on the community they pertain to, the way goals are achieved can vary. It could all be up to who is the lead and one in charge, they could be the one who determine how things go about getting around. It could just be a group that shares a goal, and collaboratively help one another achieve it. This is identified as an â€Å"Active System† by Wardle and Kain. For example, people who work at the dog adoption center all share the goal of getting the dogs adopted. Though that is their underlying goal, there s also the methods they get that goal done. All the activities they do should be to get them to their goal. This Active System is applicable to nearly every community. The community I am particularly fond of is that of the child development community. There, we all share the goal of teaching the kids and raising them in an effective manner. We want to be able to guide them into learning, not babying them, or spoon feeding, but to let them be independent and eager to learn. To do this, it is crucial that we don t dote on them, and that what we do to help them does not interfere. With that said, the way we communicate can contribute a lot to a child s learning experiences. That is why at the child development center means of communication is extremelyShow MoreRelatedAnimal Shelter Reflection Essay1063 Words   |  5 PagesThere is a Pedigree dog commercial I see on television which catches my eye and my heart. It tells us to not pity a shelter animal. When I decided to become a Veterinary Technician, I anticipated working in a vet office. Unpredictably, I changed my mind. Approximately a year ago, I began volunteering for the Denver Dumb Friends League at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. A shelter is not always the easiest place to work. Nevertheless, I feel it is where I feel most able to make a difference. ThereRead MoreVolunteering as a Senior1129 Words   |  4 Pagesto be in the future or what they want to major in in college. I will be volunteering at Young Williams Animal Shelter and Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center. Paralysis One of the main projects I will be doing during my capstone is working at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center with paralyzed people. Working with paralyzed people takes a lot of work and many things that I need to learn. One of the main problems that are paralyzed has emotional problems. Many people get very depressed that have figuredRead MorePuppy Love, Commercial Love977 Words   |  4 Pagesis a puppy adoption going on. One of the puppies escapes the ranch and visits a horse in a stable on the farm. The puppy and the horse make an emotional connection with one another. The owner of the horse cuts this newly found friendship short when he finds the puppy and takes him away. While the puppy is being taken back to the adoption, he looks back at the horse with a sad puppy dog face. Once the dog is back at the adoption center, he tries to escape again, however, the adoption owner catchesRead MoreStop the Killing: Support No Kill Animal Shelters Essay920 Words   |  4 Pagesevery year. Of these, roughly 95% of all shelter animals are healthy and treatable. (No Kill Advocacy Center). No animal should have to ever be a part of these awful statistics. What will it take to help save these innocent animals from being killed senselessly? Animal kill shelters are horrible, inhumane, and overall completely unnecessary for multiple reasons: No Kill shelters improve adoption rates, all animals lives are valuable, and No Kill shelters save more money than other shelters. WhyRead MoreMy Career Goal: Working With Animals Essay954 Words   |  4 PagesThere is a Pedigree dog commercial I see on television which catches my eye and my heart. It tells us to not pity a shelter animal. When I decided to become a Veterinary Technician, I anticipated working in a veterinarian office. Approximately one year ago, I began volunteering for the Denver Dumb Friends League at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. This experience has led me to consider working in a shelter instead of a vet office. A shelter is not necessarily the easiest place to work, and I have certainRead MoreThe s Mission Statement And Website Tie Into Their Sustainability Efforts1499 Words   |  6 PagesPetsmart is a specialty retailer of pet products and services. They provide food and products, and offer services such as grooming, boarding, doggie day damp, day care, training and adoptions. The company employs about 53,000 associates and operates 1,477 stores in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. (Company Information, 2010). Petsmart also does their part in the area of sustainability. The following will discuss what the company is doing in the areas of social sustainability and environmentalRead MoreAnimal Shelters and the No Kill Movement967 Words   |  4 Pagesevery year. Of these, roughly 95% of all shelter animals are healthy and treatable. (No Kill Advocacy Center). No animal should have to ever be a part of these awful statistics. What will it take to help save these innocent animals from being killed senselessly? Animal kill shelters are horrible, inhumane, and overall completely unnecessary for multiple reasons: No Kill shelters improve adoption rates, all animals lives are valuable, and No Kill shelters save more money than other shelters. WhyRead MoreA Brief Note On The Largest Open Mall Center1243 Words   |  5 Pages Our town, like most, has one, two, or more large enclosed shopping malls, plus several strip centers. The largest open mall in town is not far from our house and is the one my wife shop at most often. It is a large open shopping area with buildings in clusters of two, to six. There is ample parking, and two or more of the stores is accessible from each parking space. The complex is anchored by a twelve-screen theater, and three big-box stores. The variety of merchandise will rival any of theRead MoreServing God, Serving Others937 Words   |  4 PagesServing God, Serving others Many people don’t understand how important serving is. I have found that at some schools, serving is important and is required to graduate. Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone. Serving can help others learn more about the world and help them position into a mature adult. Although service is required sometimes, people should serve by choice. Service hours are designed to help students grow in a relationship with God as well as discovering new waysRead MoreAdopting a Cat1147 Words   |  5 Pagesapartment next. I love animals, and I was raised in a family that had dogs, rabbits, tropical fish, a cat and a box turtle living on the enclosed front porch. So, after thinking it over carefully and researching issues related to cats I have decided to bring a cat into my apartment. In fact when I lived in Wisconsin I had a great cat, a mellow, loyal gray tabby named Eddie, who waited for me at the door when I came home each day (like a dog in that sense), and w hom I dearly loved. So, I decided to adopt

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The Palace Of Versailles As A Hunting Lodge - 1603 Words

1. The Palace of Versailles was designed and constructed by many architects and designers, who include Jacques Lemercier, Franà §ois d’Orbay, Charles Le Brun, Louis Le Vau, Andrà ¨ Le Nà ´tre, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Robert de Cotte. Each of these men worked on separate parts of the massive palace. Some of these architects had this as their life’s work, as many died during its creation (like Mardouin-Mansart or Louis Le Vau) and let their apprentices or co-workers finish what they started. 2. Louis XIII originally commissioned the work as a hunting lodge. However, with each new monarch, new additions were made until Louis XIV declared Versailles as his residence and the seat of government in France. 3. Versailles was built during the Baroque era†¦show more content†¦After the French loss in the Franco-Prussian War and the abolishment of the monarchy under Napoleon III, the Germans used Versailles to announce the unification of the German Empire under Otto von Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I. Following this moment, Versailles would never represent the French King or nobility, but rather as a magnificent value to Baroque art and architecture. However, this does not diminish its historical and societal value and significance. The Palace of Versailles was used in the signing of the 1919 Armistice, ending World War I. In the late twentieth century, Versailles was opened to the public for tours. I have personally been to Versailles and it is as magnificent as it sounds. 8. a. Elements: i. Value: Based on the fact of the price to create this palace and the values it contains, Versailles clearly is a very valuable and important part of French, if not Western European, history. It represents the nobility and clergy that ruled France for centuries. It also represents power and peace, as this Palace was used historically to display both of these aspects. ii. Shape: The Versailles that is widely recognized today was conceived in the early eighteenth century, following the death of Louis XIV. A U shape was adopted by the architects and more rooms were planned. The shape of the palace represents its grant size. From the right angle, the palace can fill your entire field of vision. TheShow MoreRelatedThe Palace Of Versailles Housed The French Government879 Words   |  4 PagesThe Palace of Versailles housed the French government and all its royalty during the reigns of Louis XIV- XVI. After the French Revolution in 1789 however, it was no longer a permanent royal residenc e for the government or royalty in France. It is located about 10 miles southwest of Paris, beside the settlement of Versailles. Before Louis XIV inherited it, it was little more than a hunting lodge built by Louis XIII, which he turned into a chateau. Soon however, it became one of the largest urbanRead MorePalace of Versailles Essay614 Words   |  3 PagesVersailles is one of the largest, most elaborate, royal palaces ever built. This huge and magnificent palace started as a hunting lodge that was built for King Louis XIII in 1624. The small lodge was the beginning of an extremely huge palace that would cost the French government more then they could imagine. Louis XIV (The Sun King) built Versailles to be his home. To Louis, a magnificent palace was a must for royal life. All of the kings and nobles had to have wonderfully decorated palaces (houses)Read MoreVersailles: The Royal Palace in Paris Essay606 Words   |  3 PagesVersailles Versailles was not always a chà ¢teau or a royal palace it was also a country village on the road to Paris. Now let’s step back to when it was being built. There was a total of four campaigns each lasting around 4-20 years. The first campaign was building the garden and apartments to accommodate 600 guest invited to a celebration party and not much else happened in this campaign. The second building campaign was mainly about creating a place for the royal family to stay at. Louis XIV theRead MoreThe French Of French History1523 Words   |  7 Pagesboth absolutism in government and the role of architecture as a controlling art form in mind, the Palace of Versailles quickly comes to the forefront of awareness. While Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles is a physical and cultural creation of the fundamentals of absolutism, it also exemplifies the power of art as a manner of control. The utter size, grandiosity and consolidated location of Versailles make it the epitome of c onventions of absolutist rule. The inclusion of Classical forms throughoutRead MoreThe Grand Palace Of Versailles1085 Words   |  5 PagesThe humble beginnings of the grand Palace of Versailles starts in the small town of Versailles, France. The town is located only about 10 miles from the capital of France; Paris. Louis XIII first took appreciation to the land when he decided to build a small building in the town of Versailles. This building was primarily used by the king and his family for hunting parties and private get-aways for Louis XIII and his family. The building that stood at Versailles got a major renovation when in 1661Read MoreMy Family At Paris France1027 Words   |  5 PagesLouvre and a royal palace called Versailles. The Versailles was originally built by a Louis XIII in 1623 as a hunting lodge. In the years to come the building went through a few big expansions. After Louis XIII died his son Louis XIV obtained Versailles and used it as his main residence and for the seat of the government of the Kingdom of France. Also, the Versailles had enough rooms to be used for most of the courtiers to stay there. My family and I were able to take a tour of the palace. While I wasRead MoreLouis The Xiv Of France1499 Words   |  6 Pagesmanipulator, he utilized the resources that were at his disposal in order to create the seat of his power that allowed him to gain control over the nobility of France and maintain his title of Sun King, the palace of Versailles. However, In order to properly explain Louis’ need to build the Palace of Versailles, we must first explore the origins of his ideals and beliefs which were fostered by his mother and of a civil war. Louis the XIV was born on September 5th, 1638 to the excitement of his parents LouisRead MoreLouis Le Vau And Claude Perrault s Curvilinear Design For The East Facade Of The Louvre845 Words   |  4 Pagesimportant building to come out of the mid-seventeenth century is the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris. The designers Le Vau, Mansart, Le Brun, and Andre Le Notre all worked in conjunction to complete everything from the building design to the colossal gardens and fountains. Another notable feature of the early-seventeenth century is the emergence of dignified, attractive city squares. A strong example of such square is the Palace of Vosges in Paris, constructed in the early-seventeenth century,Read More The Most Successful Absolute Monarch in Europe was Louis XIV of France1552 Words   |  7 Pagesexample of an absolute monarch is his palace at Versailles. This palace was bigger than any other palace, more expensive, and better in just about everyway, except for being good for its country, France. The palace at Versailles was originally built as a small hunting lodge by Louis XIV’s father, Louis XIII in 1624. In 1669, Louis XIV decided to expand the palace, and moved into the palace in 1682 while parts of the building were still under construction. The palace was of monumental size, with a aroundRead MoreVersailles - Absolute Architecture Of An Absolute King Story of the Versailles Palace and Its Construction through an Art Historical View how Did Louis Xiv Plan The Construction? where Can We Find The King In The Architecture?1676 Words   |  7 PagesThe Absolute Center of an Absolute Kingï ¿ ½ An analytical summary of Louis Marin s Classical, Baroque: Versailles, or the Architecture of the Prince ï ¿ ½ By Olaf Lyczba April 22, 2010 Introduction Louis XIV s France was an absolute monarchy, meaning the king had the power, control, finances and the nation in his hands more then ever before. In the 17th century, France was the strongest and wealthiest nation in Europe, and the head of the state, the king, was the most influential person of the

The Inclusiveness Of The Place Dimension - 1587 Words

3.4. Discussion (the inclusiveness of the Place dimension): A tension has always existed in architectural theories between art, social, and rational notions. The inception of the Bauhaus based mainly on the notion of unifying all the aspects of art under the wing of architecture. This art-driven perspective derived architectural practice to the creation of the international style. Modernism was founded on the unity, the whole, and the progress of humanity, as in Marxism. This was done regardless of the sensibility of social and environmental needs on the local scale. It lost any continuation with the existing social and constructed values. Socially and contextually correspondent architecture were the main driving forces behind the revolute architectural theories that substituted modernism. Art always persists along architectural movements, either as the main driving force or as a guaranteed consequent that is achieved in the background, as is the case for the rational perspective. In the foreground or the background, it comes with different f lavors that is affected with or affects the principles of these theories. This existential property of art can be deducted by reviewing the aforementioned architectural theories. The different relations between the art, social, and rational motives would be comprehended better after discovering more urban dimensions by the end of the coming chapter. The aforementioned different types of places exhausted a fair amount of known placeShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On Bc Hydro s Diversity And Inclusiveness Strategy1245 Words   |  5 PagesDiversity Initiatives The foremost step of BC Hydro was all about developing a strategy to advance the workplace diversity and inclusiveness based on leading research. Some fundamental elements of BC Hydro’s diversity and inclusiveness strategy that are viewed to be essential for success include: †¢ Clearly defined diversity goals including accountabilities, reporting, dimension and schedule. †¢ A sustaining business case for diversity which helps in accomplishment of goals. †¢ Effective recruitment strategiesRead MoreCultural Differences Between Hofstede s Six Dimensions1356 Words   |  6 PagesCultural Differences in Hofstede’s Six Dimensions In a global economy, the way employees interact within the workplace is critical to the way that business is conducted and is ultimately successful. Leaders and managers who interact within the global setting need to understand differences between each person’s culture, regardless of whether or not the interaction is amongst employees or clients. These differences can include mannerisms or methods of etiquette that may seem strange or unique toRead MoreDefining Diversity: the Evolution of Diversity1435 Words   |  6 Pagesrecognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical ability, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity within each individual (cited from http://gladstoneRead MoreCompetitive Authoritarianism And Political Authoritarianism869 Words   |  4 Pagesregularly misuse state resources while oppressed are denied simple liberties. Anyone who is opposed is often killed or jailed. Competitive Authoritarianism is not an authoritarian and is not quite a democracy, but it has democratic institutions in place and incumbents cannot reduce them. 2. perils of presidentialism and democratic failure Juan Linz Presidentialism can increase democratic failure by promoting zero-sum politics, it has potential to become a divided government or dictatorship, potentialRead MoreAnalysis Of Hofstede s Dimension Of Culture1420 Words   |  6 Pages Question 1. How might the troubles with the tourism company be explained by Hofstede’s dimension of culture. Make sure to look at both Japanese and American cultures. Table 6.1 Show Japan and the United States rank on the five dimensions of culture. Individualism- Collectivism Uncertainty Avoidance Power Distance Masculinity- Femininity Long-Term and Short-Term Japan Both Extremely high Moderate Extreme masculinity Long term United States Extreme individualismRead MoreA Diverse Work Environment The Management Of A Company Or Firm Is A Crucial Role1147 Words   |  5 PagesWork becomes more enjoyable when the environment is equal and differences/similarities of individuals are valued. A current study examines the potential barriers to workplace diversity and suggests strategies to enhance workplace diversity and inclusiveness. It is based on a survey of 300 IT employees. The study concludes that successfully managing diversity can lead to more committed, better satisfied, better performing employees and potentially better financial performance for an organization. Today’sRead MoreBuilding an Innovative Workplace –New Strategies in Gen Y Recruitment1457 Words   |  6 Pages Building an Innovative Workplace – New Strategies in Gen Y Recruitment Executive Summary 2. Implementation – Three Steps in Global Diversity Recruitment Step 1: Identify Top 3 Diversity Dimensions Per Region †¢ Align with global diversity recruitment strategy with current diversity focus dimensions: Gender, Race/ Ethnicity/Nationality, LGBT, etc. This ensures a â€Å"local† approach to global diversity recruitment efforts – not US-centric. †¢ Choose 3 local demographic focus groups in each regionRead MoreAdaptation Of Dantes Inferno914 Words   |  4 PagesAdaptations are form of art, like video games, that open up dimensions for makers to transcode them while giving them new meanings, in this way keeping them intriguing. In any case, when the same poem, or a component of a poem is utilized in a new way, it will spark debates on which one is superior. Mary Jo Bang gives an innovative, new interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, represented with illustrations by Henrik Drescher. Dante’s epic lyric and Mary Jo Bang’s translation of the Inferno are both extraordinaryRead MoreStrategic Thinking : A Coherent, Integrative And Unifying Framework For Mak ing Decisions1452 Words   |  6 Pagesperspectives and experiences that arise from having different races, religion, age, gender, physical abilities and sexual orientation. These dimensions have the potential to affect success, performance, motivation, and the way in which the organization interacts with other people. It is, therefore, important for the organization to understand the dimensions of diversity to be more successful in this new environment. The organization needs to affirm, recognize and value social diversity and the richnessRead MoreTechnological Pessimism Essay1194 Words   |  5 PagesMarx, fit the new reality â€Å"in which the boundary between the intricately interlinked artifactual and other components — conceptual, institutional, human — is blurred and often invisible.† Marx goes on to add, â€Å"by virtue of its abstractness and inclusiveness, and its capacity to evoke the inextricable interpenetration of (for example) the powers of the computer witht eh bureaucratic practices of large modern institutions, ‘technology’ (with no specifying adjective) invites endless reification.† The

Intangible Assets and Intellectual Capital †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Intangible Assets and Intellectual Capital. Answer: Introduction Strategic management is the formulation and making and devising the plans and thereby implementing such plans and goals by the management and the board of directors. The company does this by analyzing the internal and external environment where the organization operates and competes[1]. This involves analyzing the strength and weakness of the company and formulation and execution of various plans so that the company is able to successfully implement get the desired objectives. This report focuses on the internal organizational resources and capabilities, which is important to achieve the organizational objectives and vital for formulation of strategic management[2]. IKEA is one of the most famous brands, which has smart and affordable home furnishing features. The IKEA has various products, which is affordable, durable and designed in a modern technology. The brand is in all over the Countries and which demonstrates its passion for quality and value. The companys product shows the value and its quality. The company is very smart at keeping customers value high and thereby delivering high quality products. The most important is their strategy, which has helped them to expand internationally and position itself as favorite of the modern generation modern generation. The IKEA dream has three components its vision, its business idea and its human resource idea[3]. Summarize the processes of developing strategic management of an organization plan IKEA high and forward-thinking strategy has made it into the top furniture seller in the world. It has moved its model into various places like no other retailer on the planet. The furniture are very impressive and they have expanded in almost 298 stores spreading over 28 countries. Few crucial aspects to IKEA success Solving any problem related to the customer The furniture is very cheap and reasonable They are able to target the right people or the right demographic The stores are spread all over the world Increased of globalization and protectionism which has presented a challenge as well as opportunities to IKEA.The challenges are very competing against the unknown sources ad it will be competing against the unknown forces and sourcing the best quality financially viable products from across the world. IKEA can enter emerging country markets through partnership for exploring into these markets. Company should be vary about the protectionist policies of many host nations since high tariffs may be imposed on goods which are imported for encouraging domestic production The fluctuations in the commodities as well as raw material prices across the world will result in increased purchasing cost for IKEA. This has impacts on the margins of the organization and can lead to passing over the cost to the consumers through high prices, which adversely affects the competiveness of the organization. The credit crunch has an impact on IKEA in a negative manner as it can decrease the purchasing ability of the consumers` The technology can be used in the supply chain which can help in inventory savings resulting in lesser costs for the company. Company Vision and Mission IKEA has its vision and mission statement as To create a better everyday life for the many. It explains their vision statement as the relation between their vision and the business ideas asOur business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. IKEAs has only one vision and mission statement therefore it is not very specific. Since it is broad, therefore it does not specifically serve the particular purpose of the mission and vision statement[4]. The statement talks in general about the products like customers and other important factors related to the business, competition and financial strength. A mission or vision statement usually helps the company However, the mission is very broad and does not specifically talk of things like products, customers or other important factors related to the business and the organization like its culture, competition and financial strength. Whether a vision or a mission statement, it must be specific enough so that the managers and the directors can form a decision based on the resource allocation. IKEAs vision fails to be both specific and clear[5]. A mission statement explains what the product sells and its customer segment and position are. When explaining the purpose of the business, a mission must state what the business is doing including the products it sells, its customer segment, market size and position[6]. What IKEA does is to create better homes by creating and selling good quality home furnishing products at affordable prices Mission and vision statements are also useful at marketing of the brand and therefore must give a clear glimpse of the company and its business. These are guiding statement, which guide the organization during decision-making[7]. Company SWOT Analysis The most important strength s that IKEA has a clear vision thereby it adds value to the customers even in a bad condition. The well-defined strategy helps the company in its pioneering and its simplicity helps in targeting of the competitors and their position[8]. IKEA measures the strength by using the key performance indicator that includes the increased use of renewable material thereby maintaining long-term relationship with the suppliers and economies of scale. IKEA is operating in various countries throughout the World due to the large size scale of the business and therefore difficult to control standards[9]. It focuses on cost leadership, quality goes up and the cost of inputs and raw materials has gone up. The profitability also increased. It is sometimes difficult for the company to maintain quality with the increase in cost and the need to change the standards across all the location in the World. The environmental situation about IKEA is that the company faces the challenge and difficult in exchanging the policies of the environment and the policies of the Government and the shareholders or the stakeholders[10]. The company has a good business mode and its huge opportunities in terms of attracting from the customers and to rise in the ethical consumers buying such products and the environment is conscious and s getting such opportunities and is tapped in the company.[11] The opportunity for the company is that it has a cost leadership, it focuses on the cost leadership, and there are expenses. The concerns are all about the quality has raised and the customers mind is getting more money minded and it is significant opportunity[12]. The last opportunity lies on the companys expansion and on the markets and which have developed throughout the World and which has untapped the customers base that have leveraged the companys profitability. IKEA has the cost leadership and it was planning for expansion, which yield the benefit for the company[13]. IKEA has low cost model, which have made and initiated and copied by the rivals through and company can innovate itself and therefore can stay ahead of the competition. Thus, IKEA came up new strategies and thereby there can be threat to the customers[14]. Thus in order to survive in the market the company needs to innovate constantly to keep up with the growth. With the invention in the technology in the market and there is immense competition in the market and there is use of internet and online. DIY is the unique proposition of IKEA they can provide the lower cost so that the cost of having physical presence lowers and there is snapping of heals of IKEA. Defining the company Resources, tangible, intangible resources and organizational capabilities Organizational resources: The firm or organization is having reporting structure The formal planning, and Coordinating with system Organizational Resources Resources are those, which help in the creation of the firms value. Resources are the products for the companies and for the company like IKEA the furniture they sale are the most cost efficient retailer throughout the world. One of the resource that support the company is that the stores combining the shop and the warehouse[16]. IKEA design and the capabilities to contribute in the market and the efficiency the company .The overall performance of the company is dependent on the activities of value chain and this help to prioritize the resources and the capabilities and this require high performance[17]. The resources being tangible as well as intangible contribute to the customers contribute to the product or services. IKEA tangible resources are the wood, cotton, waste, food which is important to have the finished goods. Whereas the intangible resources of IKEA is the human resources which helps in the running of the company and which helps the company to do day to day operation. Competitive Advantage of the company There are diverse and varied strategies that IKEA has implemented so that to meet the order to make it in the furniture and home appliances industry. These strategies are very diversified and it depends on the goals and they include both internal and external. The following are the competitive advantages that IKEA has implemented: Human resources management: IKEA has implemented many strategies and it has also implemented and lauded for its extraordinary recruitment process. Talented employees are sourced from diversified backgrounds in order to create the highly multicultural workplace in that company. Additionally, IKEA also uses huge amounts of resources in training the staffs. The company believes in creating the right set of skills in their employees and this is why it invests in the training and development of its staff. The company takes reviews and evaluation seriously and employees have to go through performance appraisals and there are rewards for those the employees who perform outstandingly. Client retention: Over time IKEA has been able to improve its services and the quality of products and this has made it retain the huge clientele it has captured. Initially the products were not good since their focus was on cost cutting. Today there are number of product and service users. They are now constantly updating its products Ubiquity of the companys service. Much furniture is already used by all the people. The furniture and appliances are used by all the people all around with the standardized furniture and home appliances. This is a competitive advantage that IKEA has exploited against over the years. The fact that not every company has furniture and this popular makes IKEA stand out. An organizational capability for the company is to properly allocate and effectively gain over the competitors. The companys organizational capabilities are mainly to meet the business capabilities and they must focus on the customers ability and demand. The focus of the company is to meet the customers and meet organizational capabilities, which is unique to the organization. Organizational capabilities are anything that differentiates the business in the market. Thus by developing and cultivating organizational capabilities the company and the business owners gain an advantage and which the company can focus and then they can excel and have growth[18]. Successful implementation requires the company to build the organizational strategy. This is important for business success. The best solution includes the full review of organizational design and in understanding the key cross-functional effectiveness and thereby ensuring the effectiveness in order to have the staff members understand the strategy and get motivated by excelling in the role of the company. The core organizational capabilities are as follows: In order to maintain the low cost product and the packaging made by the company this is less costly and simple. The company maintains the design and the model to maintain the design of the customers and so that the company and increase and improve its brand image[19]. Thus, it helps in creating the brand image of the customers, which increases the loyal brand image. IKEA is so renounced that the policy of the company is such that it is simple, it is flexible, and so that the target is to start the business and that the part of the company is without the complex formalities and thereby, it increases its cash flows with the company[20]. Comparative advantage is the ability of the company to gain from attribution of the resources and from a way that there is proper allocation of resources and to perform the same so that the resources are properly utilized and that they can perform in the same industry and market. A firm has a comparative advantage there is proper allocation of resources, which is creating value and implemented by a current or potential player. The company properly implements the strategies and this will lift a firm higher. The competitive advantage to outperform the potential players in undertaking the work and these resources can competitive advantage and to have a edge over and to overcome the outcome and superiority in in production resources reflects the competitive advantage. It can determine the resources and the sources of sustainable competitive advantage. In order to be sustainable competitive resources must have the following advantage: 1.Valuable The resources shall be of greater source or of greater value and in terms of relative cost and benefits with respect to the resources in a competing firm. 2.Rare Rare means that the resources must be in that sense that the demand for that particular product is high but the demand for that particular product is less relative to the demand or for the demand for its uses. 3.Inimitable -- it is difficult to imitate the same product Non-substitutable the products are non-substitutable and therefore any type of resources cannot be functional resources[23]. Exploitable The firm can exploit the resources and capabilities that they own or control The criteria for the VRINE Framework clearly rule the best practices for competitive advantage. Conclusions It is important to examine the internal environment that includes the resources and the organizational capabilities of the company to have competitive advantage and this is a continuous process of strategic management. The resources can be identified and can be used effectively then the strategic plans put together, and it will have competitive capability over its rivals. IKEA mission is to help the organization throughout the world to do more and achieve more by creating quality for supplying home appliances. It thus deliver new and varied opportunities with greater convenience, and will enhance value to peoples lives. References Collins, P. (2002) The cost of war. Journal of Politics, vol. 1, no. 1, June, pp. 20-40. Collins, P. (2002) The cost of war. The Straits Times. Vol. June, pp. 20-40. Frynas, Jedrzej George, and Kamel Mellahi.Global strategic management. Oxford University Press, USA, 2015. Grant, Robert M.Contemporary Strategy Analysis Text Only. 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